Is Jungle Scout Score 7 or 8 good enough? Or are you missing something major behind?

This vidoe is a guide to Junge Scout score. 

I see a lot of people sharing their screen shot showing Jungle Scout score 7 or 8 and I see a lot of emotional comments in response from different people stating “Wow”, “Amazing”, “Congrats” and I thought of explaining this to all of you that it’s useless sharing such screens because without the right Amazon’s Keyword  research it’s all useless.


Use verbs, not nouns to score on Jungle Scout:

You can type the keyword “Precut” and you will find JS score 8. And you will get amazing comments on FB but what is this product exactly? If you type this keyword on Amazon, you will find Tapes, water bottles, copper mugs or kitchenware and plenty of types of products and probably many different types of products do have this keyword “Precut” for some Godly reasons which we don’t know why. But at the end, Jungle Scout score 7 or 8 would look fantastic for this useless keyword which is not even a product on it’s own. So we call such a product a “Verb”, not a “Noun”. You need to find a “Noun”, not “Verbs”.

You can look for a small keyword like “Avocado slicer” and you may be shocked to find that someone could be selling $100K a month and may look impressive and you can see the score is good and probably want to jump in. But later you will find that top sellers are not converting because of the keyword “Avocado slicer” but they’re converting due to other high end big traffic keywords like “Vegetable peeler” or “Vegetable slicer”, “Potato slicer”, “cucumber slicer” or “Cheese grater”.

Probably that big high end listing is getting converted and generating $100K in sales due to too many keywords that he/she is ranking for. Just avocado slicer won’t bring you this kind of sales.

So similarly if you do research on this keyword “sling wrap”, you can see as per Merchant Words, this is a tiny keyword with a search volume of 11k only. Whereas as, per JS you can see someone selling $160K a month.

It must be shocking, how can someone sell this much with this little tiny keyword? That means, the actual traffic could be generated from other big keywords such as “baby wrap”, “baby sling”, “baby carrier” or whatever high volume keywords and not just because of this small keyword.

So it is extremely important for you to do enough research on the actual keyword or probably run a reverse ASIN tool like Keyword inspector to find the actual keyword behind the top selling listing.


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