Amazon’s Keyword Science of Child ASINs Under Variations

Amazon is not dependent on you to tell Amazon what keyword is suitable for your List ASIN, Group ASIN or Child ASIN

1. Amazon is not dependent on you to tell Amazon what keyword is suitable for your List ASIN, Group ASIN or Child ASIN

2. If you don’t tell any keyword to Amazon. it’s ok. Amazon is too smart. It may take Amazon a few months to realize what keywords convert best for your list and which keywords don’t convert or do well for your list. In other words, you can just list and wait for Amazon to crawl and smell and start figuring out the keywords. Amazon will even figure out that people start buying your product more on mothers day than Fathers day and Amazon will automatically tag your keyword as a good product for Mothers day and will start showing it around on this particular occasion.

3. Amazon is too smart that they don’t even want you to be so so so specific about your keywords. For example, you don’t really have to say “Jump blanket for men” or “Big blanket for women” or “Kid’s Black Blanket”. Just say “Blanket” and it’s enough. Amazon can start figuring out things later. However Amazon is thankful to you if you are kind enough to go into further attributes and specify if it is suitable for women, children, men or youth or it is black, blue, red or Pink and if it is 14 x 14 or 18 x 18 or 36 x 36 etc. But if you don’t, Amazon has got every way to sniff and dig out this information due to relevancy.

4. We launch any product, we always use PPC auto in the start. The reason why everyone recommends PPC auto is not just to generate sales. You may have noticed that PPC AUTO cost you fortune in the begin with high ACOS. Why? Because Amazon is throwing every kind of keyword/traffic to your list in the begin and every kind of keyword comes to your list and some convert and some don’t convert and Amazon is learning that moment what is working and what is not working for your list right now.

5. Shall we say that PPC Auto is enough for Amazon to sniff and find out all relevant keywords? I will say. Quite enough.

6. So why do people bother so much about backend keywords. People bother out of fantasy. They think Amazon is dependant on us and we MUST tell Amazon what keyword my product belongs to. So for me, I would simply use the most basic keywords and put one single line of 250 characters and fill up as much as possible. You don’t have to say “As much as Possible”. You just say “Possible” Just a few nouns are more than enough instead of putting Verbs. You don’t waste your time in verbs. If you have used a keyword in the title, you don’t have to repeat again in the backend keyword or repeat again in bullet points or description. Amazon is smart enough to pick one keyword once only.

7. “Clay Pot” and “Ceramic Pot”. You don’t have to repeat 2 times. Just say “Clay Ceramic Glass Good Bad Mother Father Pot”

8. The back end keyword does not necessarily have to make any sense to the reader. It makes enough sense for Amazon to figure out automatically the keywords like “Clay Pot” “Mothers day Pot” “Good Pot” “Big Pot” “Mud Pot” Even if you did not use the word Mud Pot in your list. Amazon will figure out since Amazon knows Clay Pots and Mud Pots are similar products. Amazon may figure this out through PPC Auto discovery or possibly figure this out through relevant and similar product’s keywords. Amazon will soon figure out your competitor ASINs and pick up their keywords and give you traffic similar to your competitors and see which keywords convert and which don’t. If you never targeted the keyword “Mud Pot” But Amazon will soon discover it anyway just because your competitor is using it.

9. So my request to everyone. Please stop fantasizing so much about backend keyword and how we should write. I see hundreds of articles on google misguiding people, freaking them out and scaring people if you don’t use this format, this will happen otherwise that will happen. There is nothing for you to worry about. Just understand that Amazon is too smart to pick up. You just give them little hints only. Rest Amazon can do it.