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$70 (Diploma Track Only)

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$40/Month (online) $70/Month (online)
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$120 (online) $210 (online)
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Benefits Included

  • Python is the top programming language in the TIOBE and PYPL indexes. It overtook C in the TIOBE index in 2021.
  • It’s used in everything from Data Science to Web Application development.
  • The payscale for Python developers is $100k/annum, and the general rule of thumb for remote work is that we can easily land 60-70% of that salary while working remotely, after a few years of experience.

Program Overview

The program aims to teach programming to absolute beginners using the Python3 programming language. No previous knowledge of programming or computer science is assumed. Prerequisite knowledge would be working knowledge of using computers and installing software.

Learning Objectives

Students will be expected to know how to break down problems into solvable chunks, and write code to solve each. They will be also be taught how to interact with databases and API’s to give them experience with technologies they will mostly need to interact with when on job.


Course Outline

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