How do we create value and assets with Amazon business? What exactly is a million-dollar model that is achievable?

This is a video guide to the queries of creating value and asset with Amazon Business.

I have been emphasizing on PL and FBA repeatedly to give an understanding of the value it bears in order to help you build an asset. This is something that slacks in our Amazon users as they fail to focus on creating assets out of your PL branding.

This session is based on the learning of two things, namely:

  • Ranking
  • Hunting

While sticking to the mantra of ranking and hunting you also need to build a PL brand and keep selling your brand over 1-1.5 of a year's time.

For example a list worth $3k per month profit is sold by you for 30 months profit which is $99-100k. Similarly a list worth $5k per month profit will be sold by you for $150k. You keep building PL brands and keep selling. Learn to become a serial entrepreneur instead of just becoming an entrepreneur. Doing eBay, doing Drop Shipping or doing Me Too selling can never make you rich the way PL brand business selling can do.

In other words, all I suggest is for you to keep building small brands, keep selling those brands, build equity and assets and cash it out. Each time you cash out, invest a major portion in real estate and the rest of the portion to rebuild the next brand again. This process itself can potentially make you a millionaire. Rest of the selling models can never really make you a millionaire.



Sunny Ali, CEO Extreme Commerce

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