Success Stories


Ahmed Yousuf


Karachi, Pakistan

Student Type:

Boot Camp

Their Story:

It has always been my dream to have a virtual business, but it was not started formally in Pakistan until it was introduced by Sunny Ali (CEO Extreme Commerce) recently. I have been following his initiative through the Facebook page, but it was not until his conference in Karachi last year August 2017, that I got the confidence to become a seller at Amazon. His conference led me to take part in his boot camp which gave me a great opportunity to be under his mentorship. The Amazon journey wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be. There were times when I had to go through the issue of hijackers and moments where suppliers sent the wrong sized products. But these obstacles did not stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. There were new challenges every day which sometimes led to many sleepless nights, but they were all worth it when I was able to achieve my target sales and revenue. Amazon comes with new surprises (challenges to be honest) each day and each day is a learning experience for me. Amazon makes you a brave business person. My learning from this journey is to be consistent in your work and sooner or later, you will be able to achieve your dream.