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Ahmad Masood


Ahmad Masood


Medina, KSA

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Boot Camp

My Story With EC

Apart from my job I made many ventures and investments but unfortunately, they all flopped, and all my investments drowned. I lost thousands of Dollars in a few years, but it couldn’t hold me back. I never gave up!

I think Allah was testing and increasing the size of my “GURDA” all these years.

In March 2018, I made another investment in an online business. After making an investment, one day I was exploring Facebook casually when I saw an Extreme Commerce Ad. Then I opened the EC page and went through it roughly. I liked it but as I had already invested a few days ago, I didn’t pursue it seriously and even I forgot about it later, as I got busy in my business.

Again, Allah tested my GURDA, as this time I faced even a bigger loss than my previous ones. I accepted all these business failures with Sabr and Shukr by the Grace of Allah. Alhamdulillah and started thinking about what NEXT…!!!

In Dec 2018, one day I was surfing Facebook casually and all of a sudden, I saw an EC (which I forgot about) post about BC program and I started exploring it this time in detail. I contacted the Team and cleared my queries about program execution. After studying this program & Amazon Business in detail for a few months, I joined BC in April 2019.

After going through all the processes like hunting, sourcing & listing optimization etc., I launched my product by the end of Aug 2019. All my major keywords ranked in the top 5 within one & half month. And after that, I worked on the sustainability and improvement of BSR.

It was the time when Sir Sunny Ali was encouraging EC students for freelancing on Upwork. I also made an account on Upwork casually as I was not aware of the details about freelancing (FFL) at that time.

In Oct 2019, as I gained confidence in my product launch skills with the help of EC Team’s Mentorship, I started bidding on Upwork for Amazon FBA jobs. Within one week by the Grace of Allah, I got 2 jobs on the same day for Amazon product ranking. Alhamdulillah, I ranked both products within 15-20 days. My customers who were selling on Amazon 5-10 units per day (only with PPC) from last 1-2 years, were shocked and overwhelmed, as after ranking their daily sales were more than 40- 50 units per day now.

These 2 clients gave me more products for ranking, and it turned out to be a snowball factor, as they referred me in their circle. Besides that, I started making ManyChat Bots and Allhumdulliah. Now I am linked with many companies for making their Bots and handling their operations & executions of their Bots.

I want to pay my Gratitude to respected Sunny Ali, EC Team & EC senior members who helped me a lot in developing these skills which enabled me to have two income streams (PL & FFL) now. Also, thank you for introducing and changing my mindset by the terms of Ghanta theory, work delegation, Susti Zameen and 2 passports etc.

May Allah bless you All with Best of the rewards in this World and the Next! Ameen.”




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