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Nabeel Sabir


Nabeel Sabir


Sialkot, Pakistan

Student Type:

Boot Camp

My Story With EC

One of my Amazon Manchester warehouse supervisors asked me to find on YouTube “How to rank products on Amazon” in December 2018. Because I was surprised how non-famous brands can sell high volume, so I just searched and found Sunny bhai & watched all his videos on VBC and YouTube. Started following the Extreme Commerce page and was really amazed by how he was giving knowledge to the whole Pakistan. I was really motivated to learn the whole PL (Private Label) business because I used to be a brand seller on eBay and Amazon. But I never learned about hunting, launching products, ranking, Asset building, time leverage etc.

After a few weeks, I sent my first ever message to Sunny Ali on Facebook messenger and the way he replied to me, I really cannot explain in my words. Moved back to Pakistan due to my mother's sickness (Please remember her in Dua) and approached the Extreme Commerce team to join EC training program but I was refused because I was required to spend 6 months in their Facebook group first.

In December 2018, I joined EC boot Camp and started from zero with product hunting which took me 2/3 months with plenty of rejections and every time I was given a good reason to not go for that particular product so finally in April 2019, I got approval for a product which I launched by learning different strategies by expert trainers of Extreme Commerce. I am grateful to everyone in team EC as all of them are doing a great job.

My single account (US + UK) has generated revenue of around USD 70,000 in 7 months and I will be looking to touch USD 100,000 within 3 months’ time Inshallah. I am very happy with the progress which I have made under the supervision of Extreme Commerce and once again thanks to Sunny Bhai for giving us this wonderful platform!! Inshallah your Billion Dollar dream will come true soon.

Please learn more and more from this platform. It is a blessing for us. Please remember me in your prayers and may Allah protect us from evil eyes (Ameen).

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