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Hammad Ahmad


Hammad Ahmad


Pattoki, Pakistan

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My Story With EC

I was a digitally blind person at that time without any mentor, teacher or trainer nor had any kind of knowledge about E-commerce.

I had my first interaction with digital business through e-rozgar where I got to know about freelancing. Then I joined the Extreme Commerce Facebook group in Sep 2018, to learn about e-commerce. I watched Sir Sunny’s videos, downloaded many videos from YouTube channel to watch again and again to learn more about the terms he used in these videos; terms like ‘FBA PL’, ‘Asset Bnao Flip Kro’ etc.

I attended the Extreme commerce seminar on Nov 18, 2018 at Ali Institute Lahore. That was the only seminar fee Rs.1500 that I paid to Extreme Commerce and in return I learned & got knowledge of making thousands of dollars. After the seminar, I was a little confused because I did not have any capital and amount to start the business on amazon. I started a full time following Extreme Commerce group from last Ramadan when Sunny Sir opened EC offices in different cities and told all group members to visit it Saturday night from 12 Am to 4 Am. I used to reach Lahore Cantt from Pattoki to visit EC office regularly.

After that, I started reading all the posts and comments of the other members to understand the terms and logic. I got my Video boot camp access in August 2019 and I completed it within 8 days by watching it day and night. Then I watched it again and again. I attended all meetups of Sir Sunny Ali in Lahore, I was a Silent follower. I started product hunting by using trial versions of tools, just learning the things. Then I found a Partner from this group and launched a product with him in December 2019. Now the sales are above $11,000 with a 45% profit margin…!!

Extreme commerce changed my life, my thinking, my vision. Other than FBA PL Asset, just amazon skills which Sunny Sir teaches us free of cost have so much worth in the freelancing world. I was not a BC student nor a 1-1 student; I just learned things from this platform, attend EC offices regularly and try to learn new knowledge from other experiences.

My favorite Teacher said: “Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty minds and empty hearts can do that”. My advice to all if you have access to VBC or BC,1-1, please make the best use of it for extraordinary results, we need to change the life and mentality of ours and others to make a better Pakistan.

Now I am a BC 2020 student, with a 100% sponsorship investment plus BC fee. I received more than 20 investment offers. It's a great blessing of Allah for me, I learn all this knowledge from this platform and people give me respect and appreciate my hard work.

I am proud to be the student and follower of Sunny Ali.

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