How to start buying & selling immature listings from members in Pakistan? An answer to this query is to guide and enable people to start trading on Amazon

This vidoe  is a guide to buying & selling immature Amazon listings from members in Pakistan.

Just like you buy a piece of land and sell it or you wait and start construction. During this time, your investor steps back or you give up instead, for any godly reason. Now you sell it in a specific amount to the next buyer. This buyer now builds a home and sells it after the home is ready for a better profit. The next guy buys from you and does complete interior design and turns it into a luxury house and sells it for a premium.

Buying and Selling Amazon listing:

Similarly we need to understand that the same goes for Amazon lists buying & selling. Someone started a list and they want to sell it maturely. Why? Because either they run out of cash, they are unable to invest more on ranking, or their list attracts a lot of negative reviews or their investor pulled out or they have now a better product to work on and just want to get rid of the earlier list. There are too many reasons for a listing to be available for sale. It doesn’t have to be a failure only but for many other reasons. Not every list is a result of failure. So you will have to evaluate and take over the list at a reasonable monthly profit.

You can also find such immature listings on other platforms like FB groups and do the evaluation and buy. Someone’s weakness could be your strength and someone’s failure could be your success and someone’s investor running away is an opportunity for you. It’s easy, just decide on the valuation of the list. Early stage list could be sold for 5 months’ profit. Next level listings could be sold for 10 months’ profit, another level listing can be sold for 20 months’ profit, before you make an untouchable list and sell in the international market for 30 months’ profit.

I just met a student with a 3.9 score list with 5 daily organic orders and his investor is uncomfortable and wants to pull out because this investor has no clue about how easy it is to churn over this listing from 3.9 to 4.3 score and eventually push it further to get 15-20 organic orders daily. This is a great opportunity. Anyone can buy it off the shelf and continue the next journey. Either do nothing and continue making a profit on 5 daily orders or go aggressive. Start pushing for SV + R and grow it to the next level to get 20 orders daily and then sell it to the next buyer who may work even harder to cross 100+ reviews with better sales velocity and sell for 30 months’ profit. This is all do-able.

Inception of a new culture:

We will start this new culture of buying and selling immature Amazon listings in Pakistan, right on this platform. There are hundreds of opportunities available and I have already made an announcement that I myself will be investing also. Especially if any of my own students have got an immature listing with an unreliable investor can always let me know and I can plug a new investor for you or I will personally take it over and invest my own money. Because I have a belief in this business and this model. I have trust in this model. I know it works and I know it will work and I have a dream to see Pakistan becoming a country which sells Amazon listings globally instead of just selling products only. Without even PayPal and Amazon we will still achieve all of this, out of thin air. God willing.


Sunny Ali, Founder of Extreme Commerce

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