The giant ecommerce store Amazon has officially proclaimed Pakistan as a seller. A huge milestone accomplished leading to cross-border commerce trades.

With our country officially joining Amazon’s list of global sellers, this marks the beginning of a new era of ecommerce in Pakistan for the new breed of young entrepreneurs. They have a well of opportunities coming ahead to help them digitally transform our Nation’s economic condition and generate revenues.


The commerce ministry has been working with Amazon since June 2020 to convince them to get Pakistani sellers on board while including them in the list of approved sellers that already has 102 countries covered. All these efforts resulting in the official listing on Amazon have relinquished the fate of the ecommerce traders, who have been selling their products for over more than a decade via shadow accounts registered in other countries.


Amazon International Seller Services Vice President Eric Broussard was quoted for saying:

“We are excited to announce that as of today, Pakistani entrepreneurs are eligible to sell on Amazon. We are eager to work with Pakistan’s dynamic business community, including small and medium-sized sellers, and help connect them with customers around the globe.”


Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razzak Dawood stated that the Ministry of Commerce would continue discussions in the Focus Group for Amazon, which would include representatives from sellers, logistic companies, various Ministries and State Bank of Pakistan to further guide Pakistan’s business community on how to make best use of this opportunity.


He shared a tweet saying:


The founder of Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali shared a video on his Facebook handle saying,

“With Amazon IDs setting up from Pakistan there is a new change coming. You can't copy someone's churri or someone's jacket design anymore. This is going to control all design replica related disputes very easily within Pakistan now. If you copy someone's design he/she is now able to file a lawsuit on you and you will now have to settle disputes out of court or through legal proceedings. People will now have design Patents protection in Pakistan too.”



The perks of being in the official seller list comes with a number of challenges as well, among which the biggest one is to maintain the discipline of the global ecommerce market as Amazon has many other local markets to choose from. Pakistan will have to make well-focused and thoroughly revised strategies in order to proceed in the international market.


The changing dynamics of the digital market around the globe due to the outbreak of a pandemic has made room for tech savvies and freelancers to excel in the ecommerce platform.


Moreover, the country’s inclusion in Amazon’s sellers’ list creates opportunities for exporters to generate revenues by trading via this platform. This will also open doors for SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) while promoting local businesses. Online buyers can now get access to Pakistani brands which will now be available internationally through Amazon.


It’s time to excel in the ecommerce platform and generate great revenues with our existence in the global market!

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