On the off chance that you're an Amazon seller, you're in a hyper-cutthroat market. That is the reason you need Amazon item research tools.

In any case, which device is best for you? Luckily, there are a lot of them available. This video https://youtu.be/7GEcL6neNU4 is a guide to Introduction to Keyword Inspector Tool to Hunt New Keywords.

Identify New Keywords

The purpose of this tool is to identify new keywords that may bring additional traffic and additional orders to your listing. As you all know that most of the time we use keyword research tools like merchantwords and then we find few good keywords and do our research using Jungle Scout or Market Intelligence tool but what If I tell you there are 100s of  more potential keywords that you may be missing and you may not even know that these additional keywords also exist and may bring additional traffic and conversion to your ASIN just because these additional keywords could be very strange or could be in other languages and you may have no idea about these additional keywords.


Find a similar product in your niche 

The best way is to find a similar product in your niche, almost identical to your own product with the highest BSR (Best Seller Rank). Now you take this ASIN and ask the Keyword inspector to run over it and give you the list of all possible keywords that are converting and bringing traffic to your competitor’s ASIN. Now you may be amazed to see the number of additional keywords that are bringing a lot of traffic and conversion to your competitor already. Now all you have to do is start optimizing your listing to accommodate additional keywords in your listing. You can adjust your title, your bullet points and your description to accommodate all these new keywords which will in return bring more traffic to your ASIN and will bring in more conversion and thus increase your ranking further in your niche.


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