A lot of people have been debating about the inactivity of Zonjump Super URL after my last announcement so I wanted to add some important points for you.

In this video https://youtu.be/3_rPKI0kcAQ we’ll understand the concepts of Super URL Vs Just URL. In other words, we’ll discuss Keyword Ranking VS. BSR Improvement External Traffic Vs. Your own domain traffic and Understand Amazon reward system.

There are a lot of people who have been debating about the inactivity of Zonjump Super URL after my last announcement. People are looking forward to a better and long term solution and many are still trying to understand the difference between Super URL and normal Amazon product URL so I wanted to add some important points for you.

1.  Normal product URL:

Normal product URL is just like any product url showing amazon and also the ASIN in the URL. If you ask someone to use this URL to land onto your product page and make a purchase, Amazon sees this as nothing more than a conversion. Does conversion help? Yes, conversion helps. However, conversion means, no keyword ranking since no one typed this keyword and landed onto your product page.

This will give you a BSR boost and your BSR will improve. (Best Seller Rank) that means, you may reach top 100 in a particular sub-category. On top of this you do some experiments and change your sub-categories every 10 days to obtain a NEW ARRIVAL tag in each new Sub-Category and find out which one gives you a final top 20 spot in that sub-category. Of course sub-category must be closest to the matching one and not some irrelevant sub-category. So sending traffic directly to your URL does improve your BSR.

You can send traffic from Facebook or google Ads. It’s up to you. Does it help in keyword ranking? Well it doesn't help immediately in the short term but definitely does in the long term. So those who could not rank using ZJ and are frustrated. But you should not be so disappointed since constant conversion and BSR improvement will eventually rank your keywords so don’t give up.

2. Super URL:

I’ve already explained before that super URL is not a normal landing page URL but it is an artificially encoded URL that is used just to trick Amazon by making it believe  that people are typing this particular keyword and organically reaching page 2 or page 3 or page 7 and finally landing this product page. This could be one single URL or could be a 2 step URL. Different vendors use different techniques. Recently ZJ Super URL has not been working and is causing a lot of frustration to many students and I have asked all of you to go for VL or JS as a result.

Some people wonder if we can use super URLs within our FB Ad or Google Ad. Yes, you can do it. However, you will need to generate your super URL through some reliable tool like helium instead of trying to make one yourself. Super URLs do increase BSR + Keyword rank both since you are making Amazon believe that people are typing this keyword and at the same time you have conversion as well.

3. Can we use FB pages to divert traffic to URL or Super URL?

Well, yes. The future is external traffic now. Amazon is now giving almost 18% weight to external traffic vs almost 5% weight for PPC Campaign and this is extremely frustrating even for me. Now that means, it’s unlike the past when we could just do aggressive PPC and rank quickly. This is not going to be the case anymore. So where do we bring external traffic from? You will bring it from your own audience. How on earth do we build this audience now? Well just build it the way we built the Extreme Commerce audience? Can you do that? Is it easy? If no, then start finding FB page and IG pages or use platforms like shoutcart etc. to make deals with FB and IG page owners and give them either your URL or Super URL to get the traffic diverted to your FBA listing.

4. Highly Optimized Website:

If you bring traffic from your own highly optimized website redirecting every incoming visitor to your Amazon product landing page, Amazon will reward you tremendously. If your brand name is Avarox and you are redirecting all your traffic from your domain avarox.com or avaroxbaby.com or avaroxdoggy.com, Amazon.com is going to reward you tremendously by improving your BSR overnight since external traffic weight is 18% and of course Amazon would love for you to sacrifice your own website business and give that business to Amazon instead.

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Sunny Ali, CEO Extreme Commerce