Highly intellectual people have considerably higher chances of failure, and people who possess the average intellect relatively succeed swiftly.

The reason behind this theory is that the second kind of people focuses on the bottom line - Money. Watch my vidoe on youtube Why do intelligent people fail more in business?

I was a fine-liner type of person. People who are fine-liners tend to focus more on the infrastructure rather than focusing on money. They invest more in the software and applications first. For example, if someone owns a sweet shop, he will initially develop software to track the sweet sales, and then the next step will be to sell sweets.

People who focus on fine-line often run out of cash very quickly because while making all the infrastructure they get bankrupt.

There are many reasons for my failures, from which the second most important reason was that I didn’t believe in mentorship. I use to think that all mentors were bogus and, they came into this business just to make some money.

But then, when I became a mentor myself, I realized that my students or people who follow me learned adequate knowledge overnight. Most importantly, they didn’t have to spend 15-20 years of their life to struggle and learning the hard way like me.

You can gain little experience by watching youtube videos by which you will obtain knowledge. But for raw experience and e-commerce skills, you need someone who has been there that helps you grasp an open and supplementary exposure to first-hand experience.  


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