Why the sequence is so important when it decides which Amazon model to start with?

FBA PL or FBA WS or FFL? The sequence does matter.

Before we understand this in detail, You must know that there are 4 stages of life we all go through. Kitchen, Asset, Investment and Institution. Those in the Kitchen loop usually struggle with empty bank accounts throughout their lives because this loop is all about basic necessity and survival. Once you end up selling your hours and working capacity in return for a fixed salary, you will end up remaining empty forever because you run out of your working hours and capacity, and you have already sold your hours.

If you manage to build a little asset here and there, you now sell this asset to claim the goodwill money and move on to the next investment ladder. Once you become an investor, you buy other people's hours and make money out of it. This is one of the most privileged states of life where you make money by buying other people's working capacity and hours. The final stage is Institution; when you become a brand name, and people want your franchise, they want your tag and your name attached to them.

If you start your life with FFL, you will end up selling your hours, and you won't have the capacity left to start FBA WS later, let alone PL. It is all about understanding your hours. If you start your life with PL, you will have enough hours in hand available while pursuing another income model, FBA WS, where you spend more hours, and then you can proceed to FFL, where you will end up spending most of your hours.
Sunny Ali