The Largest Ecommerce Knowledge Sharing Platform In Pakistan Presents Video Boot Camp-150

What is new in VBC 150+?

Extreme Commerce is introducing you to more e-commerce and freelancing opportunities! Video Boot Camp is now revamped and enhanced to 50 additional courses.

Extreme Commerce is a platform that has a firm belief in expanding the horizon of knowledge and skills. Video Boot Camp 100 had an extensive range of e-commerce skills that enabled students to obtain sellable skills. But now the additional 150+ courses are designed to provide team building skills, soft skills, marketing, managerial and communication skills.  

Journey from VBC 100+ to VBC 150+

With 50 additional courses comprised of ecommerce and digital skills & 60+ Zameen interviews, Extreme commerce is trying to make 2021 a remarkable year for big changes in the ecommerce industry of Pakistan.


Break past language obstructions!

Video Boot Camp 150+ have presented SIX additional languages that are English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French and Arabic. This will open incalculable opportunities in every field - be it communicating with potential customers, negotiating with suppliers, filling in as a translator or in any event or even voyaging!


Freelancing Platforms for noobs

Freelancing courses are covered in depth like Fiverr and Upwork. They are discussed in detail to boom your career on ecommerce. These platforms have previously been explored as well. However, the new courses feature updated strategies, tips & tricks and effective methods to kick start your freelancing career! Every aspiring freelancer MUST go through these courses.

You will learn how to grow & scale your Business on Fiverr, on how to work on account creation, provide services and the types of services available and how to generate income via these platforms.


Soft Skills – Boost your interpersonal attributes!

Not once, not twice but rather truth be told I've seen it commonly that freelancers miss out on opportunities since they couldn't pass on or convey their message in a particular way. Courses such as – oral communication, communication skills and different types of marketing are introduced in this new category which are ensured to prepare the manner in which you sell your manjan bringing about long haul customer base relationship. Make sure you go through these basic courses before drafting new proposals!


Medical Freelancing – “Is this MBBS?”

Well to clear the confusion, this course has nothing to do with MBBS. We are not going to produce doctors. These are courses for health & fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists and medical undergrads who are practicing. This will allow them to polish their existing knowledge and cater to online clients. Topics included in this section are - Medical Blog writing, Research Writing, Medical online teaching, medical transcription, Physical energy balance and macro/micronutrients and baseline knowledge about human anatomy and physiology.


Digital Marketing

Presenting to you the most recent fast moving Digital Marketing courses which will fundamentally be filling in as an aiding guide for all Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Digital Marketers overall.

Courses such as: Lead generation, Chatbot & Manychat can flourish your skills to the next level and will allow students of Extreme Commerce to remain distinctive in such a rapidly growing market.


Multimedia – a new spectrum of skills

A whole new scope of interactive multimedia courses are presently accessible on VBC, the list now includes hot money making courses such as storyboarding & conceptualizing, Precomposed animations, Adobe After effects & Whiteboard animations. The interesting thing this time around is that there is a course for every skillset. You can be an amateur or an expert, however I guarantee you that there will be a course to cater to you all!

Sunny Ali announced the launch of 150+ courses on his facebook group later this week in which he stated that,

“There are many new super valuable courses added which can make you money very easily. You don’t have to be confused or lost in ocean of skills. All you need to do is go through VVIV, ASA and FTF section of VBC and you will know your path and direction automatically. Trust me on this, you don’t have to be lost, answers, strategy, pathway and direction is all there in VVIV, ASA and FTF. And still if you are confused you can always attend nearest incubator every day 6PM - 7PM for career counselling and direction.

Now go banana.”

Sunny Ali


'Setting no boundaries to the marathon of education'

Extreme Commerce | Pakistan's Largest e-Commerce learning Platform is an institution that diligently works to grow in the arena of E-commerce and digital marketing.  Being the first EdTech Startup in Pakistan, it aims to bring innovation and quality along with tech, altogether under the same roof and ultimately make Pakistan the hub for Tech savvies. Extreme Commerce pursues to be the fulcrum of opportunity and potential via providing extension in income streams by making sales on international and national E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Fiver, Upwork, etc. with an aim to infuse $1 billion for each annum into the local economy.

Extreme Commerce has always been a keen believer of setting no boundaries to education and this time with VBC 150+ there is a room for everyone to grow and exceed in whatever platform they chose for themselves.

These are not just 150+ courses but 150+ income generating streams that are to rewrite the fate of Pakistan’s economy. This will not only boost the economy but also reduce the unemployment rate.

This continuous struggle of EC to build young entrepreneurs has shown that skills development can play a major role in the alleviation of poverty especially in times of a pandemic. But this only becomes fruitful when carefully planned and implemented in the context of the available and emerging employment and income-generation opportunities. This multiplies many folds when the skills are acquired in the digital spheres. It not only widens the work opportunities but also opens up avenues for entrepreneurial ventures as well.

Take Advantage of the growing ecommerce & freelancing opportunity.

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