Understanding the difference between VBC, BC, 1-1 and EC Elite in simple words.

VBC = Self Learning step by step Video portal with all internal zoom sessions and hands-on learning videos. No product approval or launch. VBC is suitable for beginners. Free for underprivileged and $130 for those overseas or above Rs 80k salary.

BC Asset = VBC + product approval + launch + ability to outsource product hunt with EC

BC kitchen = VBC + kitchen income goal of $1000 to $2000 through freelancing, VA or PM + ability to outsource product hunt with EC

BC Partner = VBC + ability to hunt a workhorse partner + ability to outsource product hunt with EC

BC is a budget solution for those who can follow group training. Above 40 is not recommended. I need to follow the batch. Fee $900

1-1 = BC + 1-1 phone consultation with all EC team + Sunny Ali. 1-1 is suitable for someone who prefer voice communication, consultation approach and someone who already is a business owner and want a more focused and quick turnaround approach and is unable to follow group or batch training. Suitable for business owners and 30+ mostly. $3500

ELITE = 1-1 + Recommended product + recommended partner by Sunny Ali. ELITE is only suitable for 40+. Anyone below 40 is refused. Exceptions may be given to 35+ only. Designed for very wealthy individuals with very few working hours and unable to build the business independently and prefer to work with recommended product + recommended workhorse partner by Sunny Ali himself. $8,000

The key difference here is between an approved product or recommended product and between forging a partnership with someone or a partnership recommended by Sunny Ali.

EC support system is available to all members forever regardless of whatever class you belong to because EC is a Business + Social platform, making it the most powerful and the biggest Sociopreuner Ecosystem of Pakistan, enabling poor, underprivileged members by giving them free access to resources, training and skills and yet at the same time charging fee from the wealthy members enabling them to enter the business by paying a premium class fee.

Those with Ghurbat or Ghareeb-o-lachar mindset must see this video sunnyali.com/ghareeb

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