Abu always tell me one thing "Tangasdi ek buri aadat hai, Jis kou yey buri aadat par jaye, woh sari zindagi tangdast rehta hai, no matter how much he earns"

Here are the 3 main reasons people become Tangdast (Financially hopeless - Kangaal) regardless of how much they earn.
1. Lack of Money management skills
2. Expensive Wife
3. Gambling habit
Suppose you have any of the above 3. You will die financially poor (Kangal-o-faqeer) regardless of how much you earn because it's not about your earnings. You may earn $1000 a month and maybe be financially happy. Yet, someone may earn $10,000 a month and yet be financially unhappy or financially hopeless or poor because people who got this habit of being financially poor will die poor no matter how much they earn.
Unless you understand why people become financially hopeless, you will never be able to come out of this loop. It is important to build money management skills. It is important to have a less maintenance wife, and it is important to stay away from gambling if you want to have a peaceful and less financially distraught life.

Sunny Ali