Mr. Sunny Ali attempts to highlight some fundamental points which help determine one’s ability and prospects to earn money.

In this piece Mr. Sunny Ali attempts to highlight some fundamental points which help determine one’s ability and prospects to earn money. This is a must read for everyone interested in money and making a living anywhere in the world.

The basic question I always want to deal with is what is the right age to make money? Or to be more accurate, is there any right age to start earning money? Secondly, I want you to clearly understand your Oqaat (ability) from an income-perspective and Looli Langri Degree (hardly earned educational qualification) vs Money making skills. Thirdly, I offer technically important points for young people to understand from a wealth –creation-perspective.

Let’s put these three questions in an order: 

  1. What is the right age to earn money?
  2. What will reflect your earning at the age of 40?
  3. Why is a Looli Langri degree vs Money making skills perspective important?


Well, I believe everyone should start making money from the age of 16. Young boys/girls making money from the age of 16 have better chances of becoming millionaires in 2 decades. By the age of 35 I expect you to be a millionaire. Your chances of becoming wealthy is 0.0001%. A lot will give up in the middle due to lack of consistency and this is the reason the percentage is low.

Those who work closely with mentors have higher chances of becoming a millionaire probably in 6-8 years’ time with 0.05% success ratio. 1 out of 200 will become wealthy. What about 199? Those 199 are likely to give up in the middle due to lack of consistency or may end up with smaller wealth. What about those who are super consistent and work with mentors? Their chances are more than 70% to become millionaires.

So by the time you reach 40, whatever your earning is the result of your past 20 years of experience. If you are making Rs 70k a month, it means, this is your ouqat (in good words) or we call it valuation. By this age your earning potential is already at peak due to 20 years of experience behind you and your hours are fully maxed out already. You can’t work more than whatever hours you already spend at the age of 40. So if you are not satisfied with your earning, you will need to revamp your skillset or re-skill yourself or re-educate yourself and this is going to be very difficult due to the body going in decline.

Looli Langri degree is necessary for those who don’t like studying. At least get your degree because you never know when you will get an opportunity knocking your door at the age of 27. Probably a job offer from Singapore? A salary of $15k a month? You will regret it terribly for not having a degree in your hand just because you were excited about making money online when you were young and you thought you didn't need a degree.

The problem is that a degree is not for making money but your investment in long term mindset development and the World needs it. You may not need it but others may need it. So having a degree is important as you never know what future opportunity you may get in your life later. This is when you will need it.

The suggestion I have for the young people is quite simple and clear: go and get a mentor who may help you setting up your goals, finding out a reasonable way, and may offer some encouragement which is key to take the first step. I do not reject the idea of being successful without a mentor but I, for some practical reasons, do not buy it in general. This is for exceptions and I am here for the general public.

Finally, my sincerest advice for all of you is to focus on your studies, learn some basic skills, and earn your degree. It may not appeal to you at the moment but I can assure you that this piece of paper may prove the only thing you will need to explore new avenues in your life. Do not miss it now for you may have to miss the entire journey after a few years.


Sunny Ali, Founder of Extreme Commerce