Creating Your Fiverr Account is just the first step to start your freelance career. Here are some amazing ten tips to kick start your online journey.

1.            Do your market research on the services you want to offer and come up with at least 5 gigs/services.

2.            Make sure to use high-quality photos.

3.            Profiles with more than 5 gigs tend to do better.

4.            Proofread your descriptions thoroughly for grammatical errors.

5.            Make sure your descriptions are straight to the point but should describe your expertise and what you have to offer.


6.            Check out your competitors and top sellers of your niche on the site and follow them or at least get an overview.


7.            Add gig videos to your gig gallery to make your content creative.

8.            Use SEO to make your gigs visible and easy to find.

9.            Add upsells to your services because it plays a key role in persuading the customer to buy more expensive services. By this you can charge more.

10.          While you select the delivery time, make sure that it is something that’ll work to your benefit. Also try to offer a short turnaround time.


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