Understanding the difference between Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership

When you sell your hours to make money, we call it Self Employment. Many people are mistaken when they believe they are business owners despite spending 14-18 hours a day on a business with 20 employees around them. You are not a business owner unless you make your business sellable, flip-able, and transfer-able. Then only call yourself a Business Owner. See another video about understanding the difference between good business vs. bad business sunnyali.com/goodbusiness.

Entrepreneurs put money as a secondary objective but problem-solving as a primary objective. Young boys trying to create an app to save the world or the planet or solve the problem of society or people trying to come up with a solution are called entrepreneurs. They want to build something out of passion, out of love. Yes, they also want to make money. They also need funding and employees. However, their primary objective is to follow passion while keeping money as a secondary objective.

On the other hand, businessmen are the people who build a business or money-making empire purely out of money-making desire only. Their primary objective is to make money. They are not interested in following the passion or solving any problem. They want to open a restaurant or run a software house out of money-making objectives and not out of passion. And successful businessmen manage to cut down their hours spent (Ghanta) and can make more money; otherwise, we call them self-employed if they could not reduce their number of hours and could not create a sellable tangible asset in return. This is where Amazon FBA comes into the picture as a good tangible, sellable, flip-able asset that can be bought or sold and requires fewer working hours.

Investors are the people who want to invest and want to do nothing. The world's best business is becoming an investor where your money works for you. You invest and sleep. Let the business owners or Entrepreneurs run the business for you.

Sunny Ali