These concepts are vital for you to understand, especially if you are an overseas Pakistani, living on expensive land, or in Pakistan.

What exactly is the end goal? Truly unlocking yourself. Is this your goal? Means, Location, Time & Money independence. If this is the goal, you must understand how things work with Mehangi Zameen, Sasti Zameen, Moti Boti & Choti Boti.


First thing first; if you want to build an online business because you want a location-independent business, always build it from sasti zameen. From Pakistan. Not from Overseas. Once you go overseas, remember you will likely end up with severe income pressure to pay bills, rent, childrens living. You will likely end up on uber or finding a day job, and you will end up selling all your hours. Once you sell your hours, what exactly is left? After a 10-12 hours job + 2 hours in transit (for new immigrants), Is there any battery left to build any business?

So what is the best strategy? The best strategy would be to build the business from Pakistan first before moving overseas. The cheaper the land, the easier it is for you to build the business.

Moti Boti means, living overseas, you don't want a business giving you $500 a month? Right? Do you think it is viable for you to do proxy marketing, proxy selling, dropshipping? You can certainly make money, but it won't be enough to fulfill your desire. Boti's size is small. It's not enough to sustain your lifestyle or give you financial independence. It would help if you had something like $3000 to $5000 to feel the taste of moti boti in your mouth, which only comes from specific business models.

When you do partnership. 2 Babas is un-viable in London, NY, Sydney, Toronto, and Melbourne. It is likely going to fail because both are babas, lack of hours, and living on expensive land, no matter what you earn, will not be enough for you. So it would be best if you had a partnership between overseas Babas and Pakistani bacha living in Pakistan because the bacha gets unlocked the moment he earns $500. Whereas overseas, Baba would need $3000-5000 to feel like getting unlocked finally. So the viable partnership is always between 40-20, as explained in my video -

If you understand the science of these four things, "Mehangi Zameen, Sasti Zameen, Moti Boti, Choti Boti," you will find yourself making better decisions in life. You will know how to act, what kind of business you should do, how to forge the right viable partnerships. It's all about making the right decisions in life. Otherwise, you will waste another two decades of your life just trying to understand life.

Sunny Ali


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