Why did PayPal or Amazon ban Pakistan?

For 7 years Pakistan was banned from Amazon and Paypal. One of the reasons for PayPal or Amazon to ban Pakistan is the abusive buyer and abusive seller they see in Pakistan. This is sad but the reality we must all accept and work on it.

Imagine if Pakistani shops start giving generous return policies, what will happen? We have enough abusive buyers who will do grand wedding shopping to later return it once the wedding is over. The whole nation’s thought process needs to be re-wired.

Another reason is the lack of customer support. Our customer support standards are one of the worst in the world.

For example, if a seller is from Karachi or Sialkot and if the buyer says that he didn't like the jacket, so the seller says it's not his fault and keeps on convincing the buyer to like the product he had bought. The standard of American customer service says that for example if a person goes to Walmart he opens the seal of a water bottle and drinks from it and then he says that he didn't like it so the company without any question returns their money.

America has high customer support standards and we have very low standards. We should build the courage to bear the loss. If a customer comes up with a complaint we should help him out and return him the money and even give him that product. Here in Pakistan, we have abusive buyers and abusive sellers. There is an issue with the moral and ethical values of our nation as well as this young generation and it needs to get rewired.

Sunny Ali


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