Let's talk about the best strategy for freelancers working on Amazon.

This article is especially for the ones who are in the process of becoming a VA. You can watch my video on youtube.

I will highlight three pointers:

How they should plan for the upcoming 5-10 years.

What should be their target?

How can they achieve their target?


The first strategy:

You shouldn't just focus on earning 300$-400$, but rather look into how many clients you are getting.

Let's say your goal is 10 clients, so 10 regular clients will give you 3000-4000$ per month, which should be your goal.

Your work is to communicate with the client and to keep him happy. Now, this is one area.

After this, your ideal goal should be that out of those 10 clients you will only keep 3 but these clients should be financially strong who can pay you well.

People always make money from the rich, not from the poor. It is difficult to make money out of poor people as they have a poor mindset. They are low on budgets, hence why they will never be able to pay as much as a rich client can pay.

Don't ever focus on clients with poor mindsets as it will never help a person in making money.

One needs to rob the wealthy clients, as they are ready to pay a lumpsum amount since they have that mindset of spending more.

They take expensive services and they are even willing to pay higher prices as they also have the potential to pay.

Big budget people have their world and low budget people have their world.

One should come out of the low-budget world and should enter into the high-budget world.

One should become an expensive service provider and should deal with high-budget clients.

So ideally, what will happen is that out of 10 clients, you will keep 3 clients who are of high budget and have the mindset to support it.

Those clients will never bother you, nor will they ever bargain with you, and as a result, you can work with them in peace.

Overall, maybe from 3000$ monthly, your earning may drop to 1500$, but it will be very easy to raise this amount as it will also consume fewer hours.


Now the next goal is to get a VISA which is why I suggest everyone become a VA. The benefit of becoming a VA is that you will get high-budget clients who will be loyal and have that high-budget mindset as they enjoy expensive services. These kinds of clients are not only loyal but they also don't bother their service provider. They just want their work to be done. Once the trust is built, then they will approach you for their other work as well.

Eventually, these 3 clients will take you into earning 3000$-4000$/month.

Distribute your small or low-budget clients to VBC students for free.

For VISA the strategy should be that when that client becomes very loyal and trust is created, so in the future, you will ask him to help you to get done with your VISA thing.

AMERICA, GERMANY, ITALY, wherever you like. German clients will very happily send letters to the embassy for the VISA. They will tell them that you are their service provider and you are here for the staff training.

Your passport will become valuable.

The purpose of telling all this is to achieve the goal of having location independence. People who travel from one land to another generally make more money than those people who are just working on one land.

The purpose is to create the culture of moving from one land to another and of traveling the world.

These high-budget clients are of great advantage as they help you with your visas, as well as with good work for your business.

We need to focus on the bigger picture of being a VA.and this is possible when you set your goals for 2 years and with the time you select 3 clients out of your 10 clients.

There are so many clients around the globe that even if the whole population of Pakistan becomes VA still we won't be able to fulfill the demand of VA.

In the whole training of VA id available in VBC you just need to learn from there and then practice it.

Now for the ones who complain that they can't get clients and where should they practice, there's this one thing that they should understand and that is that no matter what they have to practice it on clients account as we don't have our accounts on amazon.

So there are plenty of clients there in the market who will give their account for practice all you need to do is go to the market and tell them that you are giving these services for free and you are ready to work on their account.

One should have the courage to offer these services for free and should have the skills of how to handle the client.

So there are a lot of people available on the platform who are ready to give their account and let you work for free.

You should work for free as you will learn new things, gain experience and it will polish your skills. Then slowly and gradually you will start getting clients and that is the reason you should set your goal for 2 years especially the ones that are VA focus.

VA, PM & FREELANCING are the skills that have the potential of making you earn up to 3000$-5000$ per month so you need to focus on these angles and start setting your goals for 2 years.


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