Take advice from the one who is experienced. This will help you succeed in e-commerce.

Employees often complain that managers do not perform any tasks and are usually idle.  They are the ones who do all the work. However, they don’t realize that managers get paid to make them do the work. This is his job to make them do the tasks and his ability is tested based on that. The person who makes the decision is the one who earns the most. Watch my video on youtube Kis ka Manjan khareedein? Manjan tou lena peray ga, it will help you a lot.

In any organization, the CEO has the highest salary because he makes the most decisions. So, the game is all about making these decisions. For example, some years ago, if someone asked you to work in a sweets shop with him and you decided then at the age of 40 whatever you are earning is based on that decision. If somebody offered you to work at Nike and you agreed. But did you study about the work experience of a 40-year-old working at a specific place so that you could know the potential of that industry to come up with a decision? Decisions should be right. But in my opinion, one should not make decisions. As Maula Ali quotes, the advice from an experienced person is much stronger than the arms of 3 young men.

'One should take advice on what to do from those who are experiences.'

Now coming to the main topic, looking at what the universities in Pakistan have been doing for 30 years. Students are being taught, they graduate and apply for a job, and the cycle continues repetitively. This is basically the output of universities. Secondly, there is a concept of mentors which can be seen on social media platforms. Now the question arises whether a person should reach out for a mentor to learn skills or study at a university. The output of universities has been closely looked at in the past 30 years which is not desirable. If we think of going to a mentor then which mentor should be chosen is a question mark. There is no choice but to buy what they offer because the results of universities are not good, however, one must take the degree because it is accepted globally but to learn the skills is important. For instance, you can opt for Hasham Sarvar for freelancing if not, then you can opt for Sunny Ali for e-commerce then you can reach out to Asad Chaiwala. This is the future of Pakistan. The day you decide to make these mentors your celebrities then your tables are going to be turned. Now you are following Aishwarya Rai, but what are you learning from her? Nothing. The day you decide to study the lives of the mentors, your lives will be changed. Mentors have invested 10 to 20 years of their lives to become what they are. So they will charge you a lot for that, but you should agree to that because you don’t have a choice. Keeping in mind how much you pay to universities, the mentors will charge you 20 percent of that, but it will have an impact. People have prioritized lifestyle in the past and not wealth. There are 3- 5% millionaires in developed countries but in Pakistan, there is one millionaire in ten thousand people. You can make it to one in a thousand people. It is possible to do it but the major problem is that the public went to universities, no one came to mentor them till now. Some people say that we want to do something for Pakistan, so I tell them to help themselves first.

There are many mentors available and you should opt for different mentors from different industries. This is going to be beneficial for you. This is the right approach. Don’t decide for yourself, let them decide for you. I wish I would have done the same thing. I became a millionaire after 23 years. It could only take 6 years to become a millionaire if someone had guided me to follow this approach. In universities, there is a trend of kitchen money. And when it comes to generating wealth, it is upon you to decide whether or not and which mentor you will reach out to.    

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