There are many ways to hunt a gold niche on Amazon. We find a gold niche with the help of tools like jungle scout, market intelligence and merchant words.

Sourcing - In hand:

After identifying opportunities and good products we now start working on sourcing. Ideally we want to source within the US before going to Alibaba. This is the typical way of product hunting and sourcing. This video is guide to hunting a niche for Amazon or finding a supplier first.

There is another way of going about finding a gold niche for me too. First and foremost, we find a supplier. We hold the supplier's product catalog in hand first, then we start exploring those products on In this way we are guaranteed that we have a source in hand already.

We will be able to launch much faster if we use this strategy since we have a source in hand, supplier in hand and all the products are guaranteed available from a US or U.K. based wholesaler and all we need is an opportunity now. Either ‘me too’ or Private Label Brand (PLB).

So in this video we see both ways of doing product and opportunity hunting. is one of the directory which can provide you a list of major wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and drop shippers within the United States, UK and Europe. However, remember you are not the only one getting access to this list.

Millions of people find these lists on and in general these suppliers tend to cater online sellers so you are not the only one finding a unique opportunity but you are one of the millions finding the same product like others. So what is the end result? High competition and disappointment.

So how do we convert this into an opportunity instead of disappointment? By using these suppliers to send our stock to our own identified ‘me too’ opportunity instead of sending against their own listings or by doing fba against our own private label brand or to explore untapped products.

This is just one of the methods out of so many methods that we learn and go through with our students. There are plenty of ways of niche and opportunity hunting which we go through in our boot camp training programs. We will also go through plenty of ways in our upcoming seminars next year March 2018.

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