A motto served by Amazon.com and the ladder to climb onto the heights of success provided by Extreme commerce.

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We believe in investing intellect to train your brain for E-commerce and help you grow and learn to start Selling brands on Amazon. This conference serves best for a candidate who has little or basic knowledge about online Business or about eBay/Amazon and wishes to learn how to sell online.

Candidates who have access to stock, products or a niche but are reluctant and don't know how to move on to the next step. Or anyone who has had an account on eBay or Amazon in the past but it got suspended by eBay or Amazon and now would like to get back to these platforms. We welcome you all to be a part of this learning experience as the topic of the day will guide you on how to get your Amazon account up and run from Australia. 

The conference will be conducted by the famous speaker Sunny Ali, the founder and CEO of Extreme Commence. You will be facilitated with a guide to access free materials on E-commerce, with lunch and tea on the go. And don’t forget to take advantage of the individual consultation!


What information you’ll get:

How to get your Amazon account up and enable it to run and make sales successfully while not being a resident in the US or Europe.

What makes Amazon so different from eBay? Understanding Amazon Catalog system vs eBay Listings

What to sell? How to source? How to sell? And where to sell? These are the key points that you are going to learn.

Without traveling and without touching the physical goods, how can you get your stock to reach all the way to Amazon’s warehouse?

How to leverage Amazon fulfillment networks throughout North America and Europe. And how to let Amazon stock for you, Amazon sell for you and Amazon pick, pack, ship and handle returns for you. Let Amazon take care of things for you.

Why is the concept of Amazon so different from eBay? How to leverage 400 million Amazon buyers worldwide while living in your country.

Learn how to get your business up and get your income coming by doing nothing (setting up things on Autopilot). Is this true to achieve an Autopilot setup on a physical trade business? If yes, then how?