As an intellectual nation even if Amazon, PayPal or EBay doesn't want us, they still cannot stop us from selling on Amazon, eBay and from obtaining PayPal.

How Are We Going to Add USD 1 Billion per Annum Revenue for Pakistan with the Help of Amazon FBA?

If it requires us to go all the way to the moon to get an account, no worries, we will do that. We will go to the moon and get one.

It’s all about knowledge and skills. We will replicate and pass on the knowledge and skills to thousands and thousands of people in Pakistan. Just like the Philippines and India are Call Center capitals of the world, we will make Pakistan the “E-Commerce Back-office” Capital of the world.

I am so proud of many of my fans and students who learned and gained the skills and knowledge and successfully sold USD 20K – USD 50K a month on Amazon FBA. I want to replicate this and create more entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Few hundred sellers is not enough. We need thousands and thousands of them in this country that consists of 200 Million People to create a massive impact. Job Creation, Wealth creation, Economic improvement will all come as a package when these number of sellers grow.

Our goal is to create 10,000 Amazon FBA sellers in Pakistan by year 2020 selling USD 1 Billion annually and bringing revenue to Pakistan and creating 50,000 jobs for ecommerce professionals in Pakistan and making Pakistan a world capital for E-Commerce experts, Amazon FBA experts and skilled knowledge workers. Please help me replicate this message. Please share it and pass on this message to as many people you can who can get benefit by learning from or contributing to our platform. Let’s produce online entrepreneurs in every corner of this country and let’s achieve this goal together.

Those who want to learn seriously can join the group  at no cost. It’s free. Ask as many questions you want to inquire in the group and I’ll personally answer those questions and help as much as possible. I am not going to stop here until I achieve my goal for the year 2020. All I need is your help to pass on this message.

You can inbox us anytime or write to us at for more details.


Sunny Ali, CEO Extreme Commerce