If I have no money - How can I get into Amazon FBA business? How would I start with Amazon FBA? What are the Available Training Options?

How would I start with Amazon FBA? What are the Available Training Options?                                                                       

Two most frequently asked questions:

  • As a beginner how do I get started with amazon FBA and what kind of training options are available?
  • I have no money; how do I get into this business?

Starting with the first inquiry, this is a commonly asked question by many supporters and candidates and that serves the only reason for which I made this video to provide viable information and explanation. Your concern here is to know about what are those 5 stages that we expect you to go through, and the 5 tiers of training programs that are available for you.

5 stages of this journey to be followed step by step in order to achieve your PL Brand Ranking and Selling in FBA


1. ID Setup – We are aligned with plenty of options and ways to get the account made, as well as going through tax implications and understanding legal framework and various options for setting up accounts through company formation in different countries or getting it through partnerships and understanding taxation implications.

2. Product Hunt – We come across many methods that help us identify high volume, high score products and go through tons of data points to analyze the products which are suitable for our PL brand and our ability to rank them easily to page 1.

3. Procurement/Logistics/Branding – This is a time consuming process where we build our brand packaging, designing, work on sourcing, procurement and logistics, and go through the entire process all the way from factory to FBA listing.

4. Product Launch/Rank – In this stage we launch our product and go through launching strategies such as soft launch, hard launch and go through campaigns and go through ranking of our listing within weeks to page 1.

5. FBA Integration with Shopify & EBay. – This stage is for established sellers who finally have their products selling in hundreds on FBA. Now at this step we can get the product listed in other platforms such as shopify, eBay, Walmart or sears and integrate these accounts through a centralized software then link with our Amazon FBA account for automatic fulfilment of orders coming from these platforms and getting fulfilled at a sprinting pace by Amazon FBA automatically.


Extreme Commerce offers 5 Tiers of training system

Tier 1

We look forward to helping people who cannot invest on education due to insufficient finances. We’d provide them with all free videos + this FB Discussion group so they can ask for any query at hand and learn for free.

Tier 2

Then comes the next level for the ones who would like to invest and pay an approximate amount of $16 to attend the seminar.

Tier 3

Another level will be introduced in a few months. This will be an Online Boot Camp to help those who cannot afford full boot camp and they can avail this online Boot camp. This will cost around $180

Tier 4

Then comes another level where people want to join Boot Camp training and pay a higher amount to go through a full cycle of 5 stages that we want everyone to go through. They pay $900

Tier 5                                                                                                                                          

Next level is 1-1 coaching which is more expensive. These people pay $2,800 to have full 1-1 dedicated coaching only to get more sessions with Mr. Sunny and move at higher speed and more attention.


If I have no money - How can I get into Amazon FBA business?                  


This video provided in the link above aims to cover three important points.

  1. I have no money; how do I get into this business?
  2. What mistake people make when setting up Amazon ID – Due to lack of Education
  3. Earlier post in which I mentioned 2 products and asked why these 2 products are not good despite a score of 7/8? “Felt letter Board and Lock pick set”

We come across this question quite often where the candidate does not have enough capital and demands to know how he can still get into this capital intensive business which requires him to buy inventory and send it to Amazon’s warehouse and wait for the cash flow to build up. So the query for him is how to come up with initial capital?

So my answer to this is simple. Do not worry about capital for your inventory. Focus on equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills. That’s all you need. Money will just come your way without any issue. As you have already witnessed scenarios where students got investments through partners just because they had the skills and ability to hunt right products, go through procurement, sourcing, logistics, brand building, listing and ranking to page 1.

So basically investment on your education is all you need since it is the most important investment you will make. The investment for your product or inventory would just come whenever you need it as we have more investors in this platform right now and less number of people who actually can take care of that investment. If you are the right person with the right knowledge and skills, we will simply connect you with another partner anytime.

People make a lot of mistakes when setting up their accounts for the first time. If you mention the wrong reason to Amazon for setting up an account, the wrong sourcing country, the wrong product or the wrong brand, it’ll never get your account approved. So first you’ve got to learn how to get the account setup properly before you even try to set up the account on your own. Educate yourself first.

Either you learn from someone else's experience or from your own experience. The choice is yours. For example, I mention two products on the Facebook group and they both have high scores of 7 and 8 but we reject both products and ask the students to not to even think of trying these products. Why? Because “Lock pick set” is simply an illegal product and Amazon will remove it from inventory, no matter what, because it’s used by thieves to pick locks.

The second product Felt Letter Board has got too many characters, too many micro components and children will use it and the next day parents will return it back to Amazon FBA and those returns will never be completed, they will always have few missing parts. Furthermore, Amazon will ship it to the next customer and he will never receive the complete product as well, hence resulting in negative reviews. So all your investment will be wasted just because you pick up wrong products due to lack of education or advice.

So this is extremely important that you educate yourself and get advice otherwise the path is going to be nothing but struggles and suspensions.


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