As you all know, EC is now gearing up to produce 5,000 to 10,000 Amazon/eBay/Walmart VAs throughout Pakistan by the following year, 2020.

This topic on Ethical Values and guidelines for Virtual Assistants is to explain why we want to do this character test. 

The biggest challenge is to vet the ethical values and standards of these VAs who will deal with International clients throughout the globe.

What is the reputation of Pakistani VAs right now? The international audience believes Pakistanis are not loyal; they keep demanding more and more money, whereas Filipino and Indian VAs are trustworthy and will not put constant pressure on salary increases on employers. However, Bangladeshi VAs do not enjoy a good reputation throughout the globe, which is why international clients do not want to hire someone from Bangladesh easily.

How do we improve our customer support standards, and how do we improve our image? We can improve it by providing exceptional training on ethical values and dedicating chapters in the VA book to understanding American customer support standards, how to handle clients, and having the heart to absorb losses to keep your client happy. How to handle different situations. We will dedicate chapters to building robust customer support standards for the VAs that we will produce in Pakistan.

Moreover, all BC students who will be your trainers will do a character test. Anyone we doubt in character and possible lack of customer support standards will not enroll for these VA training. We cannot risk creating a less-ethical, low-value, or low moral VA army in Pakistan. We cannot take the risk of letting them represent Pakistan. So this is going to be an extremely important test we will perform on any VA applicant in the future.

As long as you pass this test. You will be welcomed to VA training programs by BC students. 5,000 to 10,000 VA army is what we want by 2020 to take over this world. The EC VA book will be out by the last week of November, and an announcement for pre-orders will be made next week.

Sunny Ali