If you are lazy, you love sleeping and you are seriously flawed when it comes to discipline. Can you be a successful entrepreneur?

Well. Here is my answer. Entrepreneurship is for lazy, ill-disciplined and Sleepy people.

Lazy people are more successful entrepreneurs than the hard working people because they are more creative and they try to find solutions and ways to avoid working and yet be able to make money.

However, for people who love to sleep more hours, you just have no choice but to build your own business because your future in the corporate world is already very dark. Organizations take advantage of your sleeping habits, will give you some flexible working hours but you will never have a good salary. Good salaries are enjoyed by your managers only who are mostly well disciplined and have less sleeping hours. So you don't usually have a bright future when it comes to corporate jobs. Your future is still viable in owning your own business.

For people with lack of discipline, they are intelligent and usually they are also messy. Their computer tables are usually messed up because they are extremely highly focused people. They focus too much on one job and they don't see around the table, they don't see right and left. Due to this super high laser focus, they have lack of discipline because the brain is focused too much on one single task. They lack multi-tasking abilities. This makes them more successful in business. So having lack of discipline does not warrant you to guarantee failure. No, this is wrong. Lack of discipline is fine.

Now the point is. Shall we try to improve these attributes? No. You cannot. Human beings are not designed to change attributes easily. You can change yourself for a few days only. You cannot be a changed man forever. You can be a changed man just for a few days max and then you will be back to what you are. So instead of trying to change yourself just try to identify your strength and utilize your strength to make money. Do not try to fix your weaknesses. You won't be able to fix them. I understand some people are determined to change themselves. They want to wake up early in the morning, they want to have less sleep, they want to be hard working. But please understand, this is not going to work.

You are what you are. You will remain what is now and you will go to the grave as it is whatever you are. Don't try to fix yourself or change yourself. It doesn't work. Rather just find your way out only. And the way out is trying to achieve a Truly unlocked mindset. Truly unlocked mindset means, you will not depend on time, location and money anymore. Who cares if you are lazy or you don't have discipline or you love sleeping if you are truly unlocked? Who cares?

Sunny Ali.

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