If Amazon has eaten up 57% of US e-commerce market share and google e-commerce stands at 10%, then what exactly is the future of your website?

For me I see the future of your website as a wholesale platform. This video https://youtu.be/8EKJVlVSSM4  is a guide to what exactly is the future of your website.

Let me give you an example. If you build up a kitchen or home furnishing brand on FBA with 10+ SKU in your niche and your brand name is Avrox. You will notice google keyword will start showing you plenty of people looking for you on google with the keyword “Avrox wholesale”.

Why is that? Plenty of small shop owners and small retailers will start looking for you on google already. They have taken notice of your FBA listings already. They like your product, however, they want wholesale deals and they wish If you deal in wholesale as well.

They don’t want to go on Alibaba because they don’t want to buy 500pcs and wait for overseas shipment to arrive. They are typical US retailers and shop owners and they like your product. They know you are getting it all from China but they don’t want to source all the way from China. They want quick inventory and quick replenishment and they want quick wholesale.

You probably source your inventory for $8 per pcs and you sell it for $30 on FBA. You may source 1000s of them. But these small retailers just want 50 pcs only and they don’t want from FBA either since they can’t get such small scale wholesale on FBA.

They will naturally start typing “Avrox wholesale” and if they find your website they will be delighted to see small wholesale deals such as pack of 50 @ $11 per piece and pack of 100 @ $10 per piece deal on your wholesale website.


Divert your retail traffic:

So basically Google’s 10% traffic should be utilized well. As I have already explained before, amazon will reward you with high BSR if you start diverting your retail traffic and orders from your website to your FBA list whereas you may want to keep a pack of 50/100 pcs order for your wholesale clients. The wholesale clients will start building up within your same business domain.

I will encourage all FBA sellers to start setting up your website with wholesale deal offers even if you have just one product. At least your wholesale clients will start building up eventually as this is the future I see fit within your current existing business model of FBA and of course you will figure out procurement and handling of your wholesale orders from your 3rd party warehouse.


Sunny Ali, CEO Extreme Commerce