If you don't want to leverage Amazon's automated repricing, the most you can expect is a lot more effort for yourself. 

RepricerExpress understands that going the automated approach is significantly superior, with the benefits outweighing the drawbacks.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting Amazon's automated repricing system.


1. Emotion comes second to logic.

Do you know how shareholders panic and sell at rock-bottom prices during recessions? When is the worst moment to sell? An automatic price won't make the error because it doesn't experience human emotions like panic or anxiety. It will follow the rules you set for it and avoid making rash judgments that could harm your business.


2. The Absence of Human Error

You don't hum along flawlessly every day - a stormy night's sleep, too little coffee, too much stress, or a million tasks to do all at once can cause you to make mistakes. A repricer, on the other hand, does not require sleep, does not consume coffee, and is capable of conducting its procedures due to its code. As a result, it isn't prone to the same faults as you.


3. It's Faster and easier Than You Think

How long would it take you to determine prices if you were to go through competitors' websites and compare their prices to yours? How long would it take you to modify your rates to remain competitive manually?

You're missing out on sales because you spent so much time on it, whereas a repricer won't.

It will consistently outperform you in terms of speed and efficiency.


4. It frees up your time

One of the most valuable resources you have is your time. All of the time you spent comparing, analyzing, and manually repricing can now be spent on other, more productive aspects of your job.

Allow yourself the possibility of achieving any goal you desire - faster and more efficiently than before.



5. Increased Search Visibility

It's doubtful that a new buyer will search in your company name and immediately proceed to your goods. Instead, they'll look for something to buy and filter it based on pricing and reviews. You are using an eBay repricer; having the best price results in more excellent search positioning.

Repricing is essential even if you're selling on Amazon or other marketplaces. It's a component of Amazon's A9 algorithm, and it'll help you stand out.


6. Increased Chances of Winning a Purchase Box

Because Amazon's search algorithm considers pricing as one of the factors, having a competitive price increase your chances of winning a Buy Box.

And if you have the Buy Box, you'll push yourself to the top of the 'Other Sellers on Amazon' category list.

Because Amazon's pricing changes so regularly, using a repricer to help you capitalize on having the right price at the right moment. Set the rules and let it handle the specifics so you can concentrate on improving other aspects of the algorithm that are crucial to winning a Buy Box.


7. It provides you with a competitive advantage

There are numerous ways in which you must be competitive and multiple ways in which competitiveness is essential. Repricing is one of the most effective methods to differentiate yourself.

Because pricing is one of the most critical factors in a buyer's decision, presenting the best bundle may be what convinces them to choose you over someone else.

Consider it this way: sellers must work harder to deliver quality products and services because customers know what companies are doing at their fingertips. Price becomes the deciding factor because there isn't as much of a gap between them anymore. Wouldn't it be nice to be on the winning team?