Analyze what to sell on Amazon and, in particular, which product categories are the most profitable to sell through Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA is an Amazon initiative in which Amazon fulfills orders rather than retailers (FBM). In exchange for a charge, Amazon takes care of packing and shipping your products to customers. This concept appeals to many purchasers who don't want to deal with the trouble of delivering orders, and it also offers the added bonus of increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box.


1. Items for babies

This sector has a lot of promise because children are some of the most powerful customers on the market. On Amazon, demand for baby hygiene, diapers, car seats, strollers, pacifiers, teethers, and other baby care items is always high.

A Candylocks doll with fragrant hair and associated accessories, a Crayola set for laboratory experiments, drawing tablets, construction sets, puzzles, and interactive toys are among Amazon's 100 Best Toys for 2020.

Babies are the next profitable Amazon category for us. As long as humans are reproducing, their offspring will require, for lack of a better term, material goods. Because babies don't keep the same size for lengthy periods of time, they require a lot of items.

Selling baby things has the advantage of being affordable to acquire, lightweight, (fairly) durable, and always in demand.

Market to first-borns since their parents spend more money on them (if you're a middle or younger sibling like me, you know how true this is).


2. Beauty and health

For the prospective online entrepreneur, this is a fantastic niche. From organic supplements and vitamins to medical equipment and health books, this area sells a wide selection of products.

Everything related to the beauty business is also a great option: cosmetics, technological advancements, and massagers that can improve the appearance or slow down the ageing process.


3. Clothes

Sports equipment is always popular with this demographic. This is due to the rising popularity of sports culture, a healthy lifestyle, and a beautiful figure.

Slimming underwear, which is becoming increasingly popular among purchasers of all ages, has become a popular novelty item. The global market for compression and shapewear is expected to reach $5,576 billion by 2022, according to industry researchers.

Pregnant women's clothing is becoming increasingly popular among Amazon customers. According to data from prominent suppliers in the market such as Amoralia, Destination Maternity, Envie De Fraises, Isabella Oliver, and Mothercare, the maternity wear sector has regularly grown by 2.01 percent on average since 2014. The rise in the number of pregnant women working is one of the main reasons behind this.

How to be successful in the category of Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry: Customers love having a large product range to pick from. Offer your products in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to make online buying more convenient. Customers are more likely to have all of their wants addressed in one spot before making a purchase this manner. Consider using Amazon's FBA service to fulfill client purchases and provide a flexible return and exchange policy. Customers avoid buying garments online for a variety of reasons, one of which is the inability to try them on first. Customers will be motivated to browse your products on Amazon if you deliver orders quickly and offer straightforward returns.


4.  Electronic novelties, gadgets, and accessories for smartphones

Wireless chargers, smartwatches, robotic vacuum cleaners, and other handy technology products are selling well. Innovative smartphone and PC programmes, such as tracking physical activity, assessing the calorie content of food from a photo, trying on clothes online, picking a haircut, and so on, are in high demand.

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet, the Fire TV Stick streaming video player, and the Echo Spot, Echo Dot, and Echo Buttons range of smart speakers featuring Alexa speech assistant were all Amazon bestsellers in 2020.

How to succeed in the Electronics category: If you're a new seller looking to enter into the Electronics area, you should be aware that it is dominated by larger, more known names. As a result, it's more difficult to stand out from the crowd and sell a large number of things. Choose a specialization within this category to focus on instead of selling a wide range of electronic devices. Consider which aspects of technology you are most familiar with.

There's a 'Accessories & Supplies' sub-section in the Electronics category, for example. You can specify the types of accessories you'll sell in this category. This can range from computer peripherals such as memory cards and connections to home audio components such as speakers and remote controllers.

The more specific your market research is, the more accurate it will be. You can offer increasingly particular types of items to appeal to a limited, but motivated audience as you learn more about your audience and their requirements and preferences.


5. Toys & Games

Studios such as Disney and Pixar release new films for children of all ages every few months. Each film is accompanied with a slew of must-have toys, games, and gadgets. As a result, Amazon receives a steady influx of new toys and games throughout the year, which is good for business.

There are instructional and generic games available in addition to movie-themed toys and games. Amazon produces an annual Holiday Toy List to help buyers make informed purchasing decisions. The list gives shoppers insight into the top 100 toys and games of the year, whether they're planning for birthdays or holidays. Customers are more likely to buy something from the list if they have this guide.

As a merchant, you may use this list to figure out what kinds of toys and activities kids and their families enjoy. Every year, new toys and games are added, so once you've decided what to sell, you'll have the option to keep your products visible to buyers all year.

Amazon's best-selling items page for toys and games is another useful resource. These pages' products are ranked according to which ones have the most sales. Because these products are updated hourly, you have the opportunity to have your products seen by a large number of people.

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)-related toys are currently the most popular. Water toys, LOL Dolls, Crayola items, and games like Jenga and Connect 4 are now popular toys and games.

How to be successful in the Toys & Games industry: Children determine which toys are popular year after year, so do your homework and look for patterns. In-between-show commercials, for example, reveal what's popular during a given season. There are also numerous YouTube channels dedicated to toy videos. Once you've decided on a niche to sell in — for example, board games or water toys — watch videos to determine which products are most frequently featured. There's a good chance these are the ones.


6. Video Games

The Video Games category on Amazon has developed to become one of the most profitable. It is, in reality, worth $100 billion. Amazon is seeking developers for its Amazon Game Studios project in order to stay up with the industry's expansion. The initiative began as a method for game developers to gain access to built-in Twitch integration for gamers who want to live stream. Streaming video games is becoming a significant component of Amazon's business.

Amazon's focus on video games allows retailers to profit from the burgeoning industry. The more you know about your target audience and their favorite video games, the easier it will be to sell them what they want.

Fortnite, which is available on Twitch, was one of the most popular video games during Amazon's Best of Prime 2018 sale, according to the list.

How to be successful in the video game industry: Twitch Prime is a new Twitch service that is only available to Amazon Prime users. Twitch allows members to download and stream content. Members can also purchase the games they're watching on Twitch as they're being streamed live. Promote the availability of video games on Twitch when selling them.