Kitchen Income

Kickstart your freelancing journey with little or no investment for beginners and those who require a little hand-holding to get started with income generation.

Comparison Chart

Features BootCamp Kitchen (BC FFL)
Incubator + Diploma Track
Access To Premium Community Support (Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali)
Access to small group of Premium Investors and BC members 1 Year
Access To Product Portal for PL 1
Access to Sunny Ali's Career Counselling
Access to Incubator Team Career Counselling
Diploma Training Sessions
Consultancy Sessions (Incubators)
Access to Career Counseling Groups
No of Diploma Tracks Available 4 1
Recommended Age Group 20Years+ 20Years+
Mode of Training Online/Onsite Online/Onsite
Price with online diploma tracks PKR 208,000 PKR 6,400/Month + Montly Incubator fees
Price with on-site diploma tracks PKR 288,000 PKR 9,600/Month + Montly Incubator fees