Benefits with Extreme Commerce

  • 1 Private Label (PL) product approval and launch supervision
  • Milestone achievement based payment.
  • Access to premium ECBC group, looking for skilled partner or investor.
  • Access to Product Portal for 1 PL approval for a year.
  • Chance to join CCC (Career Counseling) Groups.
  • Video Boot Camp access, covering an extensive range of eCommerce courses.

Bootcamp Amazon FBA Private Label

Thrive on Amazon by Launching Your Brand


1 year

Payment Plan

Milestone Based

Premium EC Community Access

1 Year


1800 USD

Phase 1 Phase 2
Enrollment Post product Approval
$800 $1000

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Program overview

The Bootcamp Amazon FBA Private Label Program is equipped with the right skills to help you launch a successful brand on eCommerce. Under the supervision of experts and the guidance of professionals, learn how to create a brand on Amazon.

With minimum investment and a suitable skill set, build a business from scratch on Amazon under your name. We have designed this program to help in building assets. You can also search for partners and investors to help take off your project quickly.

When to Enroll?

  • When you have an investment of $8,000 or above.
  • Can spare a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day with extensive research and work.
  • Is enthusiastic about building your assets.
  • Must have basic knowledge of Private Label and has an entrepreneurial mindset.

How It’s Different?

  • Chance of interaction with industry top experts and professionals.
  • Hunt partnership opportunities with Bootcamp investors with 30% investment.

What are the Outcomes of Investment?

  • Chance to gain market competitive experience and expertise.
  • Opportunity to own a store on Amazon under your name.
  • You can also develop a relationship with industry experts.
  • Access to an incubator can provide networking chances with like-minded people.
  • Partnership with Bootcamp investors.

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